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Oil on linen SOLD


  • 0" x 0"
Category: Originals
Media: Oils
Framed: None
Availability: Sold

Viewing Room: Wildlife        Categories: Originals
Images Per Page:
"The Survivor"
"Masai Mara Giraffe"
"On the Alert"
"Front Range Cougar"
"Lion with Cub"
"Face to Face"
"Winter Solitude"
"Arctic Wolves"
"On the Alert - Rocky Mountain Elk"
"Madison Morning"
"Portrait of a Gray Wolf"
"Elk Portrait"
"Portrait of a Grizzly Bear"
"Above Timberline"
"Lions of the Mara"
"Wolf and Bison"
"Watchful Eyes"
"Serenity - Snow Leopard Portrait"
"Jaguar Portrait"
"His Majesty - African Lion"
"Silent Repose"
"Looking Back"
"Shadow Hunter - Black Jaguar"
"Her Majesty"
"Serengeti Lioness"
"Tree Line Grizzly"
"Mountain Lion"